GP Clinical Editor.  Joanne Newton

"I really do like this book and I love the idea of the safety plan at the end. 

I think many GP's would like to know about the book, and which counsellors might use it with children.  I think the safety plan, when completed, could be included in the child's medical records and the GP could become one of the 'safe' people."

OzChild CEO. Lisa Sturzenegger

"OzChild has the privilege of having author, Sally Halligan, working for us. 

Sally sees first hand, the impact that family violence has on families, and in particular, on children.  This book is a wonderful illustration of its impact and makes it easier for children to be able to describe and voice hidden feelings. Supporting children to have a voice and develop a safety plan is an important part of the response to protect children from the impact of family violence."

Chair of the Child Health Alliance- Peninsula Model.  Karen Anderson

"I find the book to be a powerful and very accurate representation of a child's experience of family violence.  The illustrations are particularly powerful!  I feel the book could also be widely applied with adults, to give them insight into the impact of family violence on children.  For example, it could be used in family violence support groups, counselling and homelessness services for mothers.  The book would be best used with children in the context of a supported conversation, such as counselling."

Family Life Service. 

Family Support Services Program Manager.  Karen Horley

"Fantastic! Well done! We really need a book like this to share with our families."

Family and Relationship Services Program Manager.  Coni Forcey

"Great metaphor for family violence.  It's wonderful to introduce the idea that family violence can't be hidden."

Team Leader of the Family Relationship Centre.  Dawn White

"Excellent!  Brilliant!  Bravo!  A great story from a child's perspective.  Well done!  Could it be made into a DVD or in slide format for use with groups?"

Parenting Orders Program Team Leader.  Rebecca Thompson

"What a fantastic way to look at family violence with children.  Extremely powerful!"